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Culminating Activity: Art Critiquing through VoiceThread 

In the culminating activity, you will create a lesson where students research for artwork based on a theme. The students will collect three pieces of art and use the art critiquing process to explain why they chose those pieces. They will finalize this project using a Voice Thread. 

What is a VoiceThread- If you are a K-12 educator you can create a VoiceThread account for you and your classroom for free.
Click here to watch tutorials for creating a voice thread.

When creating your lesson think about the following tasks:

bullet    Creating a ed.voicethread account for you and your students- You probably need to talk to you Principal before creating accounts for students

bullet    Watch tutorials on creating a voice thread

bullet    Creating a teacher example VoiceThread based on the lesson. Click here to see my example. You can also make a comment, if you have an account. Comments are encouraged.

bullet    Think about how you want to organize your students

bullet    Think about how you want to evaluate the project. Click here for a rubric template.

bullet    Think about creating  a checklist for your students to follow 

bullet    Where do you want you students to research and gather artwork. 

famous art
Below is a list of museum websites for student to gather artwork. 

bullet    Do you want them to choose a theme or are you giving them a theme to use. Do the student know what a theme is. Below is short list of themes and styles of art.  

circus,cityscape, death, farming,festivals 
gardens, grief, hoildays, history, hunting 
landscape, love, music, mythology, nature, occasions, portraituresports
still life, war, etc

Styles or Periods
abstract,classical,historical, literary,narrative,nonobjective
Pop, primitive, realistic, romantic, Renaissance, Surrealism, etc

bullet    Do the student know how save the picture and organize them in a folder

bullet    Do you want you students to create a script for each piece of art (the students should follow the art critcism process).  You reference "How to Read a Painting" webquest to help students create a script, or you can
click here for a worksheet to help review and use the 4 steps of art criticism found on the Articualtion web site.

After the completion of the culminating activity, please complete the reflectionform. I would also like you to send me your VoiceThread link, so I can add it to my curriculum web for another example.  I hope you found these activities helpful and useful for your classroom. Any suggestions or comments about the Curriculum Web, please contact me at I appreciate any feedback in order to improve and further develop my web site.